A pair of Bengal kittens play on a dark wooden set of drawers.

Cat Breeds with Rosettes

Caitlin Dempsey

Bengal cats are the only domestic cats with rosettes as the standard fur coat pattern.

A series of cats making different faces

Cats have more facial expressions than we give them credit for

Caitlin Dempsey

Researchers analyzing cat interactions in a cat cafe have found that cats can make 276 different types of facial expressions.

An orange tabby drenched in sunlight sitting in front of a window with white trim in a green cat bed.

New Research About How Cats Purr

Caitlin Dempsey

Newly published research has produce a new hypothesis for how cats purr.

A black cat sitting in front a wall that is dark yellow.

Study: Purring and Eating Sounds Don’t Relieve Stress in Cats

Caitlin Dempsey

Listening to the sound of cats purring and eating doesn't reduce stress in cats.

Four kittens eating dried food that is on the concrete.

Kittens Are Able to Figure Out Which Plate Has More Food

Caitlin Dempsey

From a young age, domestic cats naturally know how to judge and pick between different amounts of cat food.

A gray tabby wearing black cat wings.

A Furr-tastic Halloween For Your Cat

Caitlin Dempsey

Here are some fun Halloween cat toys and decorations.

An orange tabby concrete sculpture in a tree with lights.

The California Town Named After Wild Cats

Caitlin Dempsey

Los Gatos lives up to its name with its many artworks dedicated to California wild cats, the mountain lion and the bobcat, as well as the domestic cat.

A black cat with a cone and a bandage around her front right leg.

My Cat’s Experience With Feline Acromegaly

Caitlin Dempsey

Feline acromegaly is a relatively rare condition in cats where a tumor on the pituitary glands triggers an overproduction of growth hormone.

A black cat sitting in a pot overflowing with green grass against a brick wall.

Tips for Cat Owners

Caitlin Dempsey

If you're new to owning a cat or simply want to better understand your pet, here are tips for a cat-friendly home.

A black cat and grey tabby lying next to each other.

If Cats are Independent, Why Do They Form Bonds?

Caitlin Dempsey

Despite their independent reputation, cats do form close bonds with humans and other cats.

A light tan and dark brown tabby lies along the ledge of a balcony in the sun with netting.

Keeping Cats Safe Around Windows and Balconies

Caitlin Dempsey

While cats are skilled at landing on their feet, they can still get hurt if they fall from a great height.