Why Do Cats Love Cat Trees?

Caitlin Dempsey


An orange cat sleeping in a cat tree.

Cats need a lot of things, and one of those things is a place to relax. They sleep most of the day, and they’re always out hunting at night, so don’t be surprised if your cat spends her time perched atop your sofa or curled up on your bed.

If you want to make sure that your cat has somewhere comfortable to rest, you should get a cat tree. 

Cat trees are like little forts for cats, perfect for them because they provide both an elevated vantage point as well as plenty of scratching surfaces. Cats love climbing trees and lounging in their perches; it’s a natural instinct that we humans try our best not to interfere with.

So what are cat trees? Why do cats love them? What are the benefits of cat trees?

What Are Cat Trees?

A cat tree is like an extra room for your feline friend. These tall, maze-like contraptions allow cats to explore their world in ways they couldn’t before or were unable due to any reason.

Cat trees are a great way to keep your cat entertained. Cat trees can offer cats relief from the boredom of being an indoor pet and can be used in multiple ways, such as providing perches or sleeping spaces on higher levels. 

A drawing of a cat sleeping on top of a cat tree.
Cat trees provide your cat with a high and secure place to sleep, toys to play with, and a place to scratch . Image: Roi_and_Roi / stock.adobe.com.

Why Do Cats Love Cat Trees?

Cats are known for their feline agility, but many people don’t know how much cats love to climb.

Even if you have an indoor kitty who lives in a house with no access to trees, they can still enjoy some cat time by perching high on cat trees. 

Cat also gets some cat time by perching high up atop the tallest object available. Sitting on top of these manmade “cat trees” allows them not just to play around while taking breaks from the stressful environment. 

Cat sitting on a bookshelf
Cats love to be up high, even if it’s perched on the top shelf of your bookcase. Photo: Caitlin Dempsey.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Cat Tree For Your Cat?

If you ever have to retrieve your kitty from the top of a bookshelf or refrigerator, you must know the benefits of cat trees. Here are some of the benefits of cat trees. 

Cat trees help to main peace in your house if you have multiple pets

In a multi-cat environment, there are peaceful times when cats can rest on top of trees.

Some cats claim the tallest perch as their territory, and it is respected by all other members of the household who know that this area belongs solely to the dominant cat.

The high perches that cat trees offer can be a great way to maintain harmony in your household when you have more than one cat. 

Cats learn to share their space

One way to have a multi-cat household is by allowing them all access to nooks in trees.

Usually, those cats who don’t like to share their space become comfortable playing on a cat tree. Each cat sits comfortably in their place and enjoys the surrounding.

In this way, the statuses of each cat are also maintained, and they learn to share their space. 

Cat trees are great sleeping spots

Cats are natural climbers, but there aren’t many places a cat can climb up high in the house.

Cat trees provide them with platforms to climb up to that help to satisfy the natural urge of your cat to be up high while they nap.

An orange cat sleeping in a cat tree.
Cat trees can provide your cat with a variety of comfortable places to relax. Photo: Caitlin Dempsey.

Safety for frightened cats

Cats are social, curious pets who need a space to explore. When they feel threatened or scared in their environment, cats will find a safe and quiet place to hide.

A cat tree can provide the perfect haven for them while also ensuring that there’s something up high enough that provides safety from any advancing opponents. 

If you have a timid cat, a cat tree can provide safety, and there is no need for her to stay in the room or flee behind the furniture or under the bed.

A cat tree can provide a safe place where your cat feels secure and comfortable.

A cat tree is a great scratching post

Cat trees are a good source of entertainment for your cats. They provide them with something new to scratch and give you time to do things around the house.

Scratching is a way that cats mark their territory and release stress. When they scratch trees, they also release their pent-up energy and feel more relaxed. 

Cat Trees Offer a Space to Play

Many cat trees come with dangling toys that your cat will love playing with.

An orange tabby cat playing with a dangling toy on a cat tree.
Cats love to play and a cat tree can provide entertainment for your cat. Photo: Caitlin Dempsey.


Cats are natural climbers, and they need to feel secure. Cat trees help cats by giving them a sense of security without feeling too exposed or vulnerable.

Cats love cat trees because it gives them an opportunity to climb up high to survey their territory and enjoy the view below. 


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