Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

Caitlin Dempsey


A gray tabby lying near the white headboard of a bed.

When you see a cat that is lying on their back with their belly exposed, you mostly see fur and maybe some nipples showing through.

Unless your cat is hairless, one thing you won’t see be able to see is a belly button, or a navel as they are also known as.

Most mammals, with the exception of marsupials and egg-laying mammals (platypus and echidna), deliver oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood from the placenta to the growing fetus. As placental mamma ls, cats receive these nutrients while inside their mothers via an umbilical cord.

Once the kitten is born, the mother cat will chew through the umbilical cord to sever it. Over time, the umbilical cord part that is still attached to the kitten will dry up and fall off. The scar that remains behind is the belly button.

Where to Find the Belly Button on the Cat

Unlike humans who have a fur free belly and relatively large-sized belly buttons, the scar left behind on a cat’s belly is a lot smaller and covered by fur.

The belly button is located about two-thirds down the length of the cat’s underbelly. The cat’s navel is located below the ribs and between the second to last set of nipples.

The scar left behind is a lot smaller and can be almost impossible to feel due to its size. The fur that covers a cat’s belly, especially if the cat is longhaired, makes it equally as challenging to see.

The Easiest Time to See the Belly Button on a Cat

If you have a female cat, the easiest time to see where the belly button is on a cat is right after she has been spayed.

The shaved belly of a spayed cat with a red arrow showing the location of the belly button.
The shaved belly of a spayed cat with a red arrow showing the location of the belly button (spay scar has been digitally removed). Photo: © pimmimemom /

The vet will shave the belly of your cat in preparation for her surgery. The belly button can be seen just above the incision and will appear as a bald spot.

The belly is not as obvious on a cat as it is on a human. The belly button appears like a small, flat bald spot and can feel like a small dimple.

A close up of a belly button on a cat.
A close up of a belly button on a cat. The belly button is the smooth area in the middle of the photo. Photo © pimmimemom /


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