This Spider Looks Like a Cat

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A close up of the abdomen of a cat-faced spider.

The cat-faced (or cat face) spider (Araneus gemmoides) is a common outdoor orb-weaver spider. The spider gets its name from the shape of its abdomen which looks similar to the face of a mountain lion.

These spiders are considered beneficial garden residents as they will consume many types of pests. The female cat-faced spider dies soon after laying eggs.

A close up of the abdomen of a cat-faced spider.
A close up of the abdomen of a cat-faced spider. Photo: Lauren Reid/NPS, public domain.

The cat-faced spider is one of the most common orb weavers in the Western United States.

The abdomen of the spider contains a pair of conical humps at the top of the abdomen that form the “ears” of the cat-face pattern. Other markings on the abdomen contribute to the face-like features on this spider.

Although the size of this spider can be intimidating to some people, this orb weaver spider is considered non-harmful to humans.


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